IBPS RRB Salary Structure 2023: Study IBPS RRB Officer Profile, Career Growth, Allowances and Benefits

  • The article begins with a short description of the IBPS RRB salary structure,  followed by the salary by post including probationary officer and clerk in hand salary.
  • Next, the allowances and benefits are demonstrated with other perks.
  • After that, the promotion and career growth are there with the job description and works of the PO and Cleark.
  • The article finished with a brief conclusion of the topic and several frequently asked questions.

IBPS RRB is a national-level banking examination accomplished by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). Candidates who wish to join Regional Rural Banks have to go through the recruitment examinations conducted for Group A, Group B, and IBPS Office Assistant posts. IBPS RRB examination is conducted once a year by the official authority of IBPS. The salary of IBPS RRB 2023 varies according to the posts. If you also want to work on these posts under IBPS RRB or are preparing for it, then you should know about everything from the salary to be given in it.

IBPS RRB Recruitment is conducted for the posts of Officer Scale I (PO), Officer Scale-II (Generalist & Specialist) and IBPS RRB Multipurpose Office Assistant (Clerk). Along with the IBPS RRB salary, the candidate also gets many benefits and allowances.


If the candidates want to do a job in these posts (Government  Jobs), then they should have all the information about the salary they are getting. So, today in this article we will discuss all the information related to IBPS RRB Salary and many more.

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IBPS RRB Salary by Post

On getting selected under IBPS RRB, candidates are given different salaries for different posts. Candidates can see the details below.


In-Hand Salary

Officer Scale I (Probationary Officer or PO)

Rs 51,000/- to Rs 58,000/-

Officer Scale 2(Generalist & Specialist)

Rs 33,000/- to Rs 39,000/-

Officer Scale 3

Rs 38,000/- to Rs 44,000/-

Office Assistant or Clerk (Multi-Purpose)

Rs 15,000/- to Rs 19,000/-


IBPS RRB PO Salary (Officer Scale 1)

The salary range for IBPS RRB Probationary Period Officer (Scale 1) is ₹51,000 to ₹58,000. Positions offer regular wage increases. The table below shows the annual increase in IBPS RRB PO salary.

Period of Service

Annual Salary Increment

First 7 Years of Service

Rs 980/-

Next 2 years of service

Rs 1,145/-

Next 7 years of service

Rs 1,310/-


Probationary officers receive increments annually as per the most recent Pay Commission revisions. Additionally, income is increased in cases of promotions or postings in higher-level cities.

IBPS RRB Clerk Probationary Salary

The compensation for the six-month IBPS RRB Clerk probationary period will be a fixed amount. Meanwhile, an IBPS RRB Clerk probationary period salary will be determined by the board and may differ from the standard IBPS RRB Clerk Salary 2022. The probation period is like a testing or training period, where performance and work efficiency are analyzed. The salary fixed by the Board is comparatively less than the actual salary during this period. In June 2022, the IBPS RRB employee wages ranged from ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 25,000. The probationary period for IBPS RRB Clerk salary lasts for six months only. Candidates will earn competitive compensation, additional allowances and perks after receiving the IBPS RRB Clerk Probationary Period Wages.

IBPS RRB Clerk Salary (Office Assistant)

IBPS Officer Assistant or Clerk’s salary ranges from ₹21,000 to ₹23,000. IBPS RRB Employees (Office Assistant) annual salary increment is given below.

Period of Service

Annual Salary Increment

First 3 years of service

Rs 400/-

Next 3 years of service

Rs 500/-

Next 4 years of service


Next 7 years of service

Rs 700/-

Next year

Rs 1,300/-

After the Next year


IBPS RRB Allowances & Benefits

On selection under IBPS RRB, candidates are given different allowances for different posts. Candidates can see the details below.

1) Dearness Allowance (DA): Dearness Allowance (DA) in the form of 46.5% of the basic pay of IBPS RRB PO or Clerk is given to the public sector bank employees by the Central Government. DA is revised every 3 months. 

2) House Rent Allowance (HRA): HRA is given to employees to pay their house rent. HRA is different for different areas like metros, big cities or other locations. Have a look at the HRA offered by IBPS RRB PO or Clerks: Rural areas: 5% of basic pay Semi-urban areas: 7.5% of basic pay Urban areas: 10% of basic pay 

3) Special Allowance (SA): Special Allowance of basic pay Is 7.75%. SA was not given earlier, it has been implemented since January 2016.

4) Medicare: The bank provides a certain amount to cover the medical costs of employees and their families. Additionally, the bank covers all medical costs for the employee and any of their family members.

Along with these allowances, the bank provides the following benefits:

  • Offers space for leasing. It is given to the candidate by the employer as “Bank Quarter”.
  • Covers the candidate’s lease and other accommodation-related posts.
  • IBPS RRB PO offers significant benefits to salary travellers. Handles any charges paid for gas, fuel, or transit to and from work.
  • Healthcare repayment covers any costs associated with a medical crisis or health public pension that the employee has nominated.
  • Overtime compensation, if needed.
  • Newspaper Stipendiary.
  • Miscellaneous additional compensation.

Other Perks Received by IBPS RRB

Some other allowances received by IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 and Office Assistant are: (i) Traveling Allowance (ii) Lease Accommodation (iii) Newspaper Reimbursement (iv) Medical Policy (v) Benefits under the New Pension Scheme.

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IBPS RRB Promotion & Career Growth

After the completion of the probation period, RRB Officer Scale-I promotions are as follows:

  • Officer Scale-I Assistant Manager 
  • Deputy Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Senior Branch Manager
  • Chief Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager

RRB PO Job Description

PO candidates must complete training or a probationary period of two years before being hired. During the training or probationary period the applicant earns a predetermined monthly amount which is often lower than the actual salary. After completing the overhead-specified duration successfully, they will obtain the exact salary amount.

The following describes the job description for the applicant selected for PO:

  • Overseeing the daily financial operations.
  • Credit Portfolio Education and Loan Disbursement.
  • Becoming an accountant or carrying out single-window processes.
  • Agricultural programs and policies with a focus on rural markets.

RRB Clerk Job Description

During the 6-month probationary period as a clerk, an employee becomes familiar with the tasks that they will be performing. The next details convey the job characterisation for the clerical candidate:

  • An IBPS RRB Clerk receives and accepts checks, money, drafts, and pay cards every month.
  • Passing NDs making cash disbursements in place of withdrawal forms, checks etc.
  • Accepting incoming mail, organizing outgoing mail, and supervising chequebook deliveries.


The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an independent association. It was created to implement and execute top-notch methods to evaluate candidates and make hiring decisions. The IBPS conforms to state-owned companies and rural banks. By conducting exams and offering coaches to prepare candidates for various positions in various banks, IBPS provides an amazing opportunity for aspirants to be in the financial sector.

Some Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On IBPS RRB Salary- IBPS RRB Officer Salary Structure

Net IBPS RRB PO salary in 2023 can vary approximately between ₹ 29,000 to ₹ 33,000 per month after deductions.

The following is a list of some of the duties an IBPS RRB PO may have:

1) Be in charge of either a banker or single-screen processes.

2) Analyze agriculture programs and spread knowledge about them.

3) Apart from programmes, regulations for the rural sector should be given priority.

4) Ensure that audit reports are prepared.

One of the main responsibilities of the selected applicant for IBPS RRB Manager Scale 1 worker is to prepare for NPA recovery.

Apart from the benefits, an applicant redeployed as an IBPS RRB Operator Scale 1 will get an IBPS RRB PO salary ranging from ₹ 29,000 to ₹ 33,000.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 pay scale details are as follows:

₹23700 – 980/7 – 30560 – 1145/2 – 32850 – 1310/7 – 42021. The IBPS RRB PO salary will see a significant increase after five years with all the added benefits.

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