UPSC Exam Day: Tips for Staying Calm and Confident

The UPSC Main examination is going to start in a short time. Along with the main examination candidates, aspiring students of the next batches and those who did not clear the Prelims this year are also busy preparing for their exams next year. In such a situation, as the date of the UPSC Main examination approaches, students often start becoming victims of stress. As exams approach, they start worrying about good results and clear the exam. Especially those candidates who are trying for their second or third attempt feel more pressure during this time. Expectations of family members and mentors also sometimes become a cause of stress in candidates. In such a situation, if you are also struggling with examination stress, then with the help of some helpful tips you can control it and perform well in the examination.

In this article, we have approached with some tips to stay confident and calm during the UPSC examination days. Candidates get very anxious and helpless during the last few days of the examination and these beneficial tips recommended by us will help them get over it.

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The Last Moment Tips to Stay Calm and Confident

From 16th September 2023, the Main examination phase of UPSC CSE is going to start. In such a situation, the aspirants are busy preparing for the exams. However, while preparing for the exam, candidates often become a victim of stress. They can get rid of it with the help of some tips.

If you are suffering from stress due to exams, then control it with the help of these tips. Here are the tips to stay calm and confident during the UPSC exam days-

Create a Timetable

Often, while preparing for the last phase of the exam, candidates do not understand where to start. In such a situation with time, the tension among the aspirants also increases. That’s why before preparing for the exam, make a timetable. By following the timetable, you will be able to study comfortably and your confidence will also remain.

Begin Revision

A couple of months before the Main exam, the candidates finish the syllabus shortly. In such a situation, they get a lot of time for revision before the examination. If you want to keep exam stress at bay, start revising using the time so that you don’t feel nervous or stressed as the exam date draws near.

Take Breaks Now and Then

While making your timetable for studies, keep in mind that it should also include breaks from time to time. Studying continuously makes it difficult for you to concentrate and can also give you physical and mental problems. That’s why you must keep taking breaks in between while studying so that the mental stress can be reduced again and you can study with interest.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Often due to exam stress, candidates stay up all night preparing. But doing this can be quite harmful to their health. It not only affects their health but also affects their mental condition. Therefore, while preparing for the exam, try to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep, so that the mind can feel fresh.

Physical Activity is Also Necessary

Often while preparing for exams, candidates set a fixed schedule, due to which they remain engaged only in their studies. But if you want to prepare for the examination without stress, then you must remain physically and mentally active. Therefore, along with preparing for the exam, try to get enough sunlight and also keep doing physical activities like yoga, exercise, walking etc. Along with this, eat a healthy diet as well.

Take Special Care of Diet During the Exam

Consume fruits, dry fruits and juice in your morning breakfast. You can also consume curd, oatmeal, eggs, milk and sprouted grains. This will provide energy to the brain and will also keep the brain active.

Keep away from white bread, cookies, cakes, cold drinks, sugary things and oily and spicy foods. It affects the capacity of your mind by creating laziness.

Drink more and more fluids. Don’t let the body lack water. For this, you can take water, juice, soup, buttermilk, lassi, and coconut water from time to time. Due to this, the mind will remain energized.


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Ways to Avoid Exam Tension

These written ways can help you to beat the UPSC Mains exam tension-

1) Don’t think, it will increase the stress. This will affect your examination results. Stop thinking and start studying. Pay attention to those subjects in which you need to work harder. Make a plan.

2) Start reading according to time and take breaks in between. Read according to the timetable. Take a ten-minute break every one to two hours. This will freshen both the mood and mind.

3) You can study for a certain time, after which you need to take a break. Take short breaks, take this time to chat with your friends, and drink coffee. Get up in the morning and do exercise. Do exercises like climbing stairs and descending stairs.

4) Avoid sitting and reading continuously. Do some exercise in between. Increasing activity reduces stress and you feel better. During this period, you can do exercises like walking, running, swimming, dancing etc.

5) A healthy diet helps in dealing with stress. Eating processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugary snacks increases stress. Instead, fresh fruits and vegetables, good quality protein, and omega-3 fatty acids help fight stress. Eat them.

6) Students often sit up and study the whole night. Due to this, they are not able to sleep properly and their stress increases. It is very important to take 6-8 hours of sleep to give rest to the mind during the examination.

How to Self-Motivate Yourself During UPSC Preparation to Stay Calm and Confident-Learn From IAS Officer Anupama Anjali

Anupama Anjali believes that by preparing for UPSC in a stress-free manner, the chances of success increase significantly.

Do not Compare Yourself With Others

Anupama Anjali believes that if you compare yourself with others during the preparation of UPSC, then you will face problems. Due to this, your self-confidence will also be shaken and your preparation will not be done in a better way. Therefore, work hard with a positive attitude and keep motivating yourself. You keep moving towards your goal and keep a distance from social life. However, keep in touch with family members and keep talking to them. With this, your support system will remain strong.

Take Care of Physical and Mental Health

Anupama Anjali says that while preparing for UPSC, people often do not take care of their physical and mental health. People should take time out for exercise during preparation. Apart from this, one should take some breaks in between so that one can refresh oneself. If you keep all these things in mind, you will be able to focus on your studies in a better way.

Anupama Anjali’s Advice to Others

Anupama Anjali believes that sometimes it takes time to achieve success in UPSC, but you should not be discouraged and keep yourself positive. With hard work, dedication and the right strategy, you can achieve success in this examination in less time. She says that you will definitely get results from your hard work, so always be happy.

Things to Do a Day Before the UPSC Exam to Stay Confident and Calm

Read here what you should do a day before the UPSC Main exam so that you can be confident,stress-free and calm.

Collect Exam Materials the Night Before

A day before the exam, collect all the materials related to the exam with you. For example, you will need a pencil, pen, admit card of UPSC etc. If you leave all these things to the exam day itself, then you may forget any of these things due to exam anxiety. In such a situation, due to their absence, you may face difficulties in the exam. Therefore, if you collect these and keep them with you a day before the exam, then you will not face any problems during the exam the next day and you will be able to take the exam without any tension.

Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Your thoughts determine what will happen to you. In such a situation, if you think to clear the exam, it will motivate you to do better and you will be able to do better. At the same time, if negative thoughts come to your mind then it affects your studies as well as your performance in the exam. In such a situation, it would be better not to allow negative thinking to dominate you. Whenever negative thoughts come to mind, start reading something interesting or watching an interesting video. Negative thoughts will go away from you automatically.

Visualize Success

One of the important tips to give the  Mains exam stress-free is that along with your studies, you should also imagine your success in your mind. This means that you should imagine that you are taking the exam with complete confidence. By imagining this, you will not get any other option for preparation, but it will make your preparation better than before. You will feel more engaged in preparation. This imagination works because your body and your mind react accordingly and help you realize this imagination. Your brain makes a connection with the outcome of the visualization and also reinforces it.

Eat Properly

Don’t make the mistake of skipping breakfast before the exam. Try to eat a more protein diet and stay away from a sugary diet. This will give your body instant energy. It will be better for you to eat something 1 or 2 hours before the examination. Even if you don’t feel like eating anything, then at least eat bread or toast etc. Avoid drinking energy drinks or coffee, as it increases anxiety and stress.

Sleep Well the Night Before

You are not going to get any benefit from studying by staying awake all night before the Mains. For this, you must get enough sleep. When you have a good sleep before the exam, then your mind becomes completely relaxed. Due to this, your brain works properly during the exam and remembers the things you have read well while answering in the exam. If you stay awake all night, then your mind gets so tired that despite studying during the exam, you cannot remember many things. You can increase your memory, your creativity and your ability even by taking short naps.

Clear Any Doubt

Don’t keep any kind of doubt in your mind till one day before the exam. Make sure to know the answer from your mentor, so that there is no fear in your mind about this. With this, during the exam, you will be able to answer the questions asked by being stress-free.

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These last-minute tips for UPSC exams will be of great help to you. Be stress-free and calm and take the exam with full confidence. All the best to the aspiring students for the UPSC CSE Exam 2023 from us.

Important FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The journey of UPSC can be very long for many people, so prepare yourself mentally before preparing. You should stay in touch with your family and friends while preparing for UPSC and keep your distance from negative people. Apart from this, after every failure, review your shortcomings and do not do the same in the next attempt. Preparation with maximum hard work and patience is the success mantra here.

When you become overly stressed regarding the Main exam, the fear that develops within you increases the chances of your exam being spoiled. Due to this, the nervousness that you feel in your body makes you forget what you have read. During the exam, you come prepared well but are not able to write in that manner. In such a situation, you must calm down your body completely a day before the exam by doing breathing exercises, meditation and physical exercises like stretching, walking and pranayama, so that on the day of the exam, your body and your mind are completely calm.

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