Daily Current Affairs Analysis UPSC With Short Notes Topic Wise

Daily Current Affairs Notes UPSC

It covers a wide range of topics which include Polity, economics, science and technology, art and culture, geography, international relations, internal security, environment, important schemes, places, personalities, and many more.

Daily Mains Answer Writing UPSC

Daily answer writing is an important aspect of preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams, as it helps candidates develop their writing skills and improve their knowledge of the subject matter.

Daily Quiz

Daily quizzes have emerged as a valuable tool for promoting effective learning and knowledge retention. It is vital in enhancing learning outcomes by promoting active engagement, facilitating knowledge retention, and providing valuable feedback.

The Hindu Daily News Analysis UPSC

Reading the Hindu newspaper can be an excellent resource for preparing for the UPSC, as it covers various topics in the exam. The editorial section of the Hindu covers the issues very comprehensively, and that points can be directly used in the main examination.

The Indian Express Daily News Analysis UPSC

Indian Express is another newspaper recommended for UPSC preparation. It provides an in-depth analysis of current affairs, and its explained sections are widely regarded as some of the best in the country.


The Government of India compiles the Press Information Bureau (PIB) and provides updates on important events and policies. Since PIB is a one-stop destination for all policy decisions that the Government is taking, it is crucial from the point of view of UPSC. 

Monthly Current Affairs UPSC

Yojana Summary

This magazine provides content on one theme every month. To study holistically and comprehensively and to write perfect answers related to social issues, development etc., this magazine is beneficial. You can find consolidated material for the same on the 99Notes website.

Kurukshetra Summary

 It covers topics related to rural development and upliftment in a very comprehensive manner. From this magazine, you can collect essential points to help you write essays or answer in mains. The topics covered in it usually coincide with the current Government’s policies.

Science Reporter

It is published by the National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (NIScPR), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi. Science Reporter is a well-respected publication covering topics important for the UPSC exam.

Yearly Current Affairs UPSC

Union Budget | Current Affairs

 The Government fulfils this duty through its Annual financial statement, which is contained in the Budget. Reading the Budget for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) can be a bit of a challenge, as it is a dense document that contains a lot of financial information. This document is a budget summary.

Economic Survey

It indicates the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the next financial year and includes crucial insights into India’s economic condition. It is an essential document for UPSC Prelims & Mains Examination. Many Questions related to Economics are often directly asked from the Economic Survey. Until 1964, it was presented alongside the Budget, but it is now introduced a day before the Budget. 

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Stay Updated With Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exams on 99Notes

In the world of UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) preparation, current affairs forms the backbone of your study material. From Prelims to Mains, the current affairs segment influences every stage of the examination. Given the vast amount of news generated every day, staying updated can seem like an insurmountable task. However, at 99notes.in, we simplify this process for you with our comprehensive Daily Current Affairs UPSC updates.

Why is Daily Current Affairs Crucial for UPSC CSE?

The UPSC exam requires a broad understanding of various subjects and a keen awareness of the world. It assesses aspirants not only on their knowledge of facts and figures but also on their ability to understand, analyse, and form opinions on various issues impacting India and the world.

  • Syllabus Coverage:

A large part of the UPSC syllabus, especially in General Studies Papers in Prelims and Mains, deals with current affairs. Subjects such as Economy, Polity, Geography, Environment, Science & Technology, and International Relations frequently feature questions based on recent happenings.

  • Depth of Understanding:

Current affairs help aspirants understand the practical application of theoretical concepts. They provide real-world context to subjects and enable aspirants to develop a more nuanced understanding of topics.

  • Development of Perspective:

Through daily current affairs, aspirants get exposure to diverse views and perspectives. This helps them build their own balanced viewpoint, which is crucial in Mains answer writing and Interview stages.

How does 99Notes Help with Daily Current Affairs UPSC?

At 99notes.in, we work tirelessly to streamline your current affairs preparation. Our dedicated team of experts meticulously curate daily news from various national and international sources and present them in an aspirant-friendly manner.

  1. Comprehensive Coverage:

Our daily current affairs cover all relevant news and developments that align with the UPSC syllabus. We include national, international, economic, science & technology, and environmental news, along with relevant government schemes and policies.

  1. Easy to Understand:

We present the news in a simplified and understandable format, devoid of unnecessary jargon. We focus on the significance of the news, its background, and its potential impact, thereby aiding in better retention and understanding.

  1. Regular Updates:

We provide daily updates, ensuring you are always abreast of significant events and developments. We also provide weekly and monthly compilations of current affairs for quick revision.

  1. Question-Based Learning:

To help you evaluate your preparation, we include a set of Prelims and Mains styled questions based on the day’s current affairs. This practice aids in better assimilation of information and enhances answer writing skills.

  1. Making the Most of Daily Current Affairs UPSC at 99notes.in

Merely reading current affairs is not enough. It’s essential to read, revise, and remember. Here’s how to effectively use our daily current affairs:

  1. Consistent Reading:

Make a daily habit of reading current affairs. Consistency ensures that you do not miss out on any important news and helps in gradual learning.

  1. Making Notes:

While we provide comprehensive notes, creating your own short notes aids in better memory retention. Try to capture the essence of the news, its background, and its potential implications.

  1. Regular Revision:

Revision is crucial for memory retention. Review the daily, weekly, and monthly compilities frequently to refresh your memory.

  1. Answer Writing Practice:

Attempt the questions provided with daily current affairs. This not only helps you understand the topic better but also improves your answer writing skills.

  1. Interlinking with Static Portions:

In UPSC CSE preparation, it’s vital to interlink the static portion of the syllabus with dynamic current affairs. This amalgamation of static knowledge and current happenings gives you a comprehensive understanding of the topic. At 99notes.in, our daily current affairs sections explicitly point out these links for your convenience, enriching your preparation.

  1. Daily Quiz:

To help you gauge your grasp of the day’s current affairs, we provide a daily quiz. This short quiz is modeled on the UPSC pattern and aids in self-assessment. Regularly attempting these quizzes will sharpen your ability to recall facts and improve your accuracy, speed, and confidence.

  1. Topic-wise Segregation:

Our daily current affairs are sorted topic-wise, making it easier for you to focus on particular areas. This approach aids in systematic learning and ensures that no important topic is left out.

  1. Contextual Background:

We understand that news is not created in isolation. Every piece of news has a past, a context, and possible implications for the future. We strive to provide this contextual background with our current affairs. This helps you understand the bigger picture and prepare more effectively for Main answer writing and the Interview.

Our Promise:

At 99Notes, we are dedicated to your success in the UPSC journey. We understand the mammoth task that UPSC preparation entails, and we aim to ease that journey by providing a streamlined and efficient approach to current affairs preparation.

By subscribing to our Free daily current affairs UPSC, you commit to a consistent, comprehensive, and effective way to stay updated with the latest happenings around the world. You gain access to an extensive repository of information that’s tailor-made for your UPSC preparation, helping you to rise above the competition.

Staying abreast with current affairs is no longer a daunting task with 99notes.in. We take pride in supporting you in your journey towards becoming a civil servant. From the team at 99notes.in, we wish you success in your endeavor to crack the UPSC CSE. Begin your journey with our daily current affairs UPSC today!