Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Agriculture Complete Syllabus & Notes Download

1. Major Crops And Irrigation Systems

2. Agricultural Industries And Marketing

3. Government Schemes and Their Impact

4. Technology In Agriculture

5. Animal Husbandry

6. Land Reforms In India

Moral and political attitude
Attitude is the predisposition of a person to act towards a stimulus. We have already discussed various...
Attitude is a learned predisposition or a tendency to respond consistently towards an object favourably...
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Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture
Ordinance Making Power of the President and Governor
Introduction : The Constitution of India under Articles 123 and 213 provides the President and the Governor,...
Legislative Procedures in the Parliament
Parliament being the supreme legislative body in the country, its primary function is law-making. All...
Speakers, Chairman and other offices of the Parliament
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Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Major Crops And Irrigation Systems

If agriculture is the lifeblood of the Indian economy, then infrastructure is the arteries and veins required for the sector’s and the economy’s survival and expansion. Infrastructure, mostly physical, in the agriculture industry refers to the facilities that aid farmers from planting to selling, including irrigation, road connectivity, electrification, storage, and communications.

Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Agricultural Industries And Marketing

The agricultural industry refers to all of the activities and sectors involved in the production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products. This includes everything from farming and ranching to food processing and marketing.

Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Government Schemes and Their Impact

Government schemes are an important tool for addressing a range of social and economic issues in India. These schemes are implemented by the central, state, and local governments and aim to achieve specific goals such as improving education, healthcare, employment, and living standards for citizens.

Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Technology In Agriculture

The use of technology in agriculture, also known as precision agriculture or smart farming, refers to the application of advanced technologies and techniques to optimize the production and management of crops and livestock. This includes the use of sensors, drones, robotics, and data analytics to improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in agriculture.

Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the branch of agriculture that involves the breeding, raising, and care of animals for the production of food, fiber, and other products. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including dairy farming, poultry farming, and livestock production.

Everything You Need To Know About Agriculture

Land Reforms In India

Land reforms refer to changes or adjustments to the laws, policies, and practices governing the ownership, use, and distribution of land in a country. In India, land reforms have been a major policy focus for many years and have been implemented at both the national and state levels.

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