21 Tips to Overcome Distractions While Studying

  • This article has given several 21 effective tips to overcome distractions while studying for aspiring candidates. This includes special tips which will help the candidates to study better and more strongly.
  • Now, the article has indicated some frequently asked questions which will give the candidates a tad bit of knowledge about the topic.

21 Tips to Overcome Distractions While Studying

The UPSC Civil Service exam is a tough exam to crack. You know that you have to get very good grades this time in the UPSC exam. Because you’ve promised yourself that you’ll do better this time. But don’t know why you are going astray from studies again and again! 

Many candidates failed to clear in their attempts and one of the major reasons behind this is inconsistency, and it happens due to distractions. 

If you can focus your attention, prepare a timetable for study and find a proper place to study, then you will be able to eliminate the distractions that come and the kind of distractions that You can’t stop, you can reduce them to some extent with these tips.

In the blog, we will discuss some tips which will teach the candidates How 21 Tips Help to Overcome Distractions While Studying. View Study Material for Free IAS Preparation and Prepare for UPSC Exam Online for important information related to the UPSC examination.

The Effective 21 Tips to Overcome Distractions While Studying

1) As Soon As You Sense A Certain Deviation, Ignore It

Let’s say you’re trying to study in the library and you get distracted by someone texting you. So make a note of such a deviation, and convince yourself that you are prepared to deal with it. Now the next time you find yourself in the same situation, stop yourself from watching it. Now whenever you come across these distractions, do the same thing every time, and eventually, you will stop noticing it yourself.

2) Free Yourself From Worries

There are many things to keep you busy in life, so it is nothing to be surprised by if you think about everything in the world except studies while you are studying. It is not even that you have to act to ignore all these things, rather let them come out once. Sit quietly and think about whatever is going through your mind for 5 minutes, but then tell yourself that now is the time to focus on your main objective which is studying.

3) Make Studies The Main Objective, Make It A Priority

When your exams are around the corner, it’s easy to feel like you have to study everything now. By breaking down the tasks and having just one main goal, everything is more manageable and you’ll keep yourself from getting sidetracked.

Suppose you have an exam in a History paper, in which three chapters are very important and questions from those are going to come, then you do not have to think of completing everything in one go. Try to focus on the parts you find difficult first, such as the parts of the Krebs cycle.

4) Stay Away From Some Trapping Traps

Texting, calling, social media and similar distractions from electronic devices are the biggest reasons that hinder concentration in studies. The good thing is that it is in your hands to stop them and it is quite easy too. Separate yourself from them!

The process is-

i) Turn off notifications on your device. It would be better if you turn them off completely.

ii) Don’t answer calls or check messages. If you can, turn off your phone, or at least put it on silent, away from you.

iii) If you are unable to stop yourself from such distractions, then look for apps and browser plugins that completely block social media, some other websites or other sources that distract you from your studies and block them.

5) Pay Attention To Your Energy Level

It is natural to show procrastination in the work you do not like or to have the desire to stop it completely. Your energy level will be very good in the beginning while studying, so if you start reading the most difficult part, it will prove to be good for you. Leave the easy part for later. This will keep your focus sharp at the time of need.

6) Take Short Breaks While Studying

You may feel that once you sit down to study, it is not right to get up in the middle, but if you get up from your studies and go out for some time, it will help you to study everything in one go. Compared to that, it is better. Get up once an hour and take a short break of 5 minutes. This will leave you feeling refreshed and when you sit back to study, you will be able to concentrate on your studies again.

7) Don’t Think About Working Every Task Together

Some people think that multitasking means you work too quickly. Trying to multitask, such as watching TV or shopping online while doing homework, can distract you. Instead, focus on one task at a time.

8) Use the “Get Back Here Now” Technique to Avoid Losing Your Way

Whenever you feel yourself drifting, stop for a moment and say to yourself, “Now come back here.” You may have to do this several times, but each time you have to remind yourself that you have to concentrate here now.

If you do this continuously, you will find yourself realizing that slowly the wandering of your mind is reducing.

9) Schedule Study Time

When you have a lot to study or classes to take, it can be a little difficult to focus on everything at once. In such a situation, set a fixed time to study each subject. In this way, you will not find studies boring and you will be able to concentrate more on your work.

i) For example, you plan to study History for an hour on Monday night, followed by English for an hour. Then on Tuesday, you study Maths for two hours.

ii) Always follow this timetable of yours, but be ready to change it according to your needs if needed. For example, now you have a history paper exam on Tuesday, you should study history for two hours on Monday night and leave English for Tuesday.

iii) If you’re studying around other people, post your timetable outside so they know when not to disturb you.

10) Change Subject Every Two Hours

A small change can help to keep you fresh and focused. If you keep studying a single subject for too long, your energy level and focus will also gradually decrease. Change is the only solution to this problem. For example, after two hours, take a short break and then change the subject to something else, like English.

11) Now Make Distraction Of Your Mind A Reward For Yourself

The distraction of the mind can also be seen from a positive perspective and set as your reward after the completion of your studies. Suppose you have to study Politics for an hour, but your mind is distracted by a TV show or a funny video coming in front of your eyes again and again. So tell yourself that if you study for two hours without any distractions, you will get to watch the video or show that you want to watch.

12) Find A Place Where You Want To Study

If looking at some of the books and the quiet of the library makes you want to study Economics, then do so. If a cosy chair and coffee at a cafe near you help you study English, go there and study. The most important thing is that someplace motivates you to study.

i) Many people prefer to visit a place which is neither too cold nor too hot.

ii) There should be no noise in the place of study. Some people choose a place that is very quiet and some people like soft sounds.

iii) If you tend to drift off from your studies, place your study chair where you face a wall and not a window, hallway, or TV.

13) If You Are Studying, Let People Know

Put a sign on your room door that will let people know you’re studying. This will prevent them from leading you astray. If you want, you can also message your friends to tell them when you are studying and refuse them to disturb you during this time.

14) Listen To Music If That Helps You To Concentrate On Studies

The research on whether music can help with learning has mixed results. If you find that listening to music makes you feel energetic and helps you concentrate on your studies, then you can use it.

But proceed with a few things in mind:

i) The music you are listening to should be very quiet.

ii) Whenever possible, listen to music that doesn’t have lyrics, it will make you less likely to wander off.

iii) Whenever possible, listen to “white noise (music that doesn’t have a pattern or melody)” for background music instead of any music.

15) Keep Important Books On The Table

Before studying, keep all your important books and notebooks on the table. Keep pen, pencil and all important things in front. By doing this, you will be saved from getting up from your place again and again when needed. With which you will be able to read constantly.

16) Make Flash Card After Completing the Subject

When you study a subject, then definitely make your flash card. Write number-wise all those questions on the flash card which you have just studied. With this, your mind will read again and the answer will sit in your mind again.

17) Create a Successful List of Topics

When you start getting success in reading then make a list of it. For example, how many questions you solved today were more than yesterday? For how long today were you able to study continuously without getting distracted? Write down all the changes that you have achieved in the list. By doing this you will get a kick and at the same time, your willpower will also increase.

18) Find A Study Partner

If a subject bores you more, then find a partner who is interested in that subject. With this, he or she will not hesitate to teach you for his revision and with great interest he or she will also explain the nuances of that subject to you.

19) Question Yourself

When you feel low during the study. Make up your mind to study quite well. So you question yourself. 1. Can I give up on my commitment so easily? 2. Is it so difficult to read a subject? 3. Is it difficult for me? By asking yourself the tough question, you will find that you are getting motivated again.

20) Relate the Topic to Practical Things

If you have a complaint of forgetting answers quickly then, while reading, relate the topic with practical things. This will boost your memory and you will remember the answer for a long time.

21) Don’t Read While Lying On The Bed

Always keep in mind that whenever you sit to study, always keep your back straight. Avoid the habit of reading while lying on the bed. Our minds can not able to work fully when we read while lying down. Due to this, our focus does not seem to be on studies.

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In that case, many don’t, and many do. But they also assure that they get a promising sleep of 6-7 hrs every day to rejuvenate their mind for tomorrow. So, you must get adequate sleep every day.

The five effective ways to boost concentration are an amount of nature observation that could improve your attention, taking a break, rethinking your surroundings, trying brain activity and enhancing your well-being.

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