What Are the 7 Tips to Ace UPSC Interview

The Interview or Personality Test is the final and integral stage of the most awaited  UPSC Civil Service Examination. An aspirant who wants to be a high-ranking civil servant officer or administrator has to go through the interview process. The candidates have to wait for the interview if they clear the Mains exam. To sit in the Interview it is necessary to crack the main paper of UPSC. The interview is a 30-minute or half an hour procedure, on which a candidate’s lifelong preparation to become a civil servant relies. So, presenting the best self in front of the interview panel is important to cease the points and for that, showcasing your analytical skill and individual optimism is essential.

If you are curious to know how crucial the Interview is for the candidates? what type of questions the candidates will face? and how to ace the discussion during the UPSC Interviews. 

Then through this article, we will convey our expert opinion to solve the queries and also we are talking about the seven essential tips that benefit aspiring candidates to impress the Interviewer Panel. If you are anxious about the preparation for Prelims and Mains and can not proceed with offline UPSC coaching then check HOW TO PREPARE FOR UPSC EXAM ONLINE.

Importance of the Interview

The total mark allotted for the interview is 275 out of 2075 marks. The half-hour interview is all about testing the candidate’s individual development, how rational they can be in crucial times and how capable they are to take the responsibilities of a Civil Servant. The interview marks are added to the main exam to determine the candidate’s excellence.

UPSC Interview: 7 Tips to Impress the Panel

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) known explicitly as the Personality Test is a highly integral step in the appointment of the IAS(Indian Administrative Service) officer. 

The below-mentioned 7 following tips will help aspiring candidates ace the Interview session –

  1. Keep Track of the Current Affairs

Make yourself updated with current affairs and keep an adequate knowledge of both National and International events occurring in the surrounding. Regularly read newspapers, and go through monthly magazines and online information sources to stay notified about significant topics. This process will confirm your awareness and analytical skills with the topic during the interview session.

  1. Learn Your DAF (Detailed Application Form) Comprehensively

Thoroughly know the information you provided in your DAF. Always be prepared to reply to questions associated with your academic background, work experience, hobbies, and interests. Maintain a precise knowledge of your profile and be competent to communicate your experiences and accomplishments in front of the panel.

  1. Stay Confident, Composed and Calm

Remember the 3Cs mentioned above- Confident, Composed and Calm. Keep a convinced and tranquil demeanour throughout the discussion. Communicate distinctly and audibly, and uphold a good posture. Be obedient and attentive to the panel members. Confidence and calm will leave an optimistic image on the panel and don’t let nervousness affect your answers.

  1. Demonstrate Your Analytical and  Clarity of Thoughts 

Acquire the skill to articulate your ideas and thoughts analytically, distinctly and concisely. Exercise the technique of answering queries in a structured manner, providing appropriate, logical and rational justifications. Avoid wordiness or using exaggerated jargon. Back up the answer by putting together the benefit of examples and real-life instances to support your arguments which will be praised by the interview panel.

  1. Stand Honest and Genuine 

It is essential, to be honest, and genuine during the time of interview. If you don’t have a specific answer to any question, it’s fairer to acknowledge it politely rather than make an effort to bluff your way through. The panel members valued the quality of being truthful and ethical. The panel appreciates honesty and authenticity.

  1. Keep a Positive Body Language

Be concentrated on body language as it can symbolize plenty about your confidence and personality. Uphold promising eye contact with the panel members, smile properly, and usage of hand gestures in a sparing manner. Sit upright and evade wriggling or slouching while answering questions as it can ruin the overall impression.

  1. Display a Proportional Viewpoint 

Establish a balanced and logical strategy for solving the issues. Avoid being excessively opinionated or biased. Be available to access various perspectives and show that you can analyze situations from numerous angles. The panel is curious about candidates who can think critically and have a purposeful demeanour.

Classifications of Questions Asked by the Interview Panel

There are a few categories and the questions are asked upon it. Such as-

Candidates Profile

In this segment, the candidates are asked about their names, academic backgrounds, which things they feel interested in and their profound hobbies, what they do professionally and a few things. The candidates should have faith and confidence in themselves and reply in a calm and witty gesture.

National and International Current Affairs 

It is one of the necessary questions a candidate would get. This question is a mandatory one so be completely prepared to attend it. Do not panic if the question is unknown because sometimes the question is also opinion-based. So, in that case, your opinion will work. Try your aspects positively and prepare for the three months’ current affairs.

Circumstantial Questions

The candidates should be familiar with the circumstantial or situational questions as it is normal to ask these types of questions in the UPSC interview. The interviewer panel will check your reasoning skills by asking these types of questions to know how capable you are of working in various areas of society.

Attitudinal Question 

The interviewers usually asked these types of questions to confirm the characteristics,  behaviour and composure of that candidate.


The Interview is crucial as a candidate can or can not become a civil servant depending on the interview. 

The absolute result is declared by the Union Public Service Commission based on marks secured in the Mains and Interview round. This final result demonstrates the UPSC rank of the candidates, and as per the cutoff, candidates are allotted to different Civil Services Posts.

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Tips to Ace UPSC Interview

The candidate should Calm themselves first before the UPSC Interview. Start breathing exercises to keep a normal heart rate. Normally, the heart rate outgrows when you are nervous and this can affect your thought process. Clear the voice because being nervous can imply you lose voice clearness. Walk around a bit and get refreshed. Get there on time or try to be early. Avoid electronic media for a few moments to concentrate on the main project and the right impression.

Improper dressing is one of the most common mistakes several candidates make. Your appearance plays a significant role in your overall presentation during the UPSC CSE interview. Wearing indecent clothing or any unwanted accessories can divert the panel from your answers and make an unfavourable impression on you. To avoid this blunder, the candidates should dress suitably for the interview.

Formulate genuine promising qualities such as politeness and compassion. Evade to being a bitter and vindictive person. The candidates do not have to acquire a model’s physique to maintain a good personality. But since personality relies a lot on point of view it benefits to have a healthy and fit body.

Yes, After successfully clearing the first two stages of the UPSC CSE – Prelims and Mains, the Interview round is the most critical one and most of the time Interview round is where candidates get rejected. The final merit list is prepared on the scores of all three rounds.

Normally, a UPSC interview lasts for about 30 minutes and aspirants have to encounter discussion questions that cover a wide range of topics. Encountering the UPSC CSE interview panel is a daunting job but if armed with basic points and information, a candidate with certainty and reasonable soft skills like problem-solving manner and analytical thinking can certainly ace the interview.

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