Are the Final Year Candidates Eligible For the UPSC CSE Examination?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) executes the Civil Service Examination(CSE) for the appointment of candidates to higher administrative posts in the Government of India. Crores of youth in the country applied for this exam and dream of getting appointments in important posts including IAS, and IPS officers.

In this blog we will try to answer the question, Are the final year candidates eligible for the UPSC CSE exam?

Can the Final Year Students Pertain to the UPSC CSE Examination?

Yes, Candidates who are final year students, whether they are from any college,  university or where they are doing B.A, B.COM or B.Sc can apply for UPSC CSE (Civil Service Exam) if the candidate’s age limit fulfils the criteria of the UPSC (if the candidate is 21 years old).

The major thing is that whenever the notification of UPSC is released, for instance, if they are in the final year then they will apply at that time. But there are some conditions and the condition is that the UPSC exam is performed in three stages, first one is the Preliminary exam, the Mains exam and the Interview has come in the final stage.

How the Final Year Candidates Can Apply for the UPSC CSE Exam?

1) So, when candidates apply for the UPSC they are applying for the Prelims or Preliminary exam. If the notification comes out in February – March and if you apply in that time, then in June you will give your Prelims examination.

2) After studying integrated into both the university and UPSC, If the candidate cleared the preliminary exam, again they have to fill up a detailed form before the Mains exam. While filling up the Mains form online the candidates have to upload a scanned copy of their self-attested original results and certificate as evidence that the candidates have passed the minimum qualification of attempting the UPSC.

3) The candidates have to upload their final year examination results and certificates if they are applying for UPSC Mains. If they do not get their results and certificates before applying for the Mains then they can’t apply for the exams, even if they passed the Prelims.

4) Those who are in the final of M.B.B.S. or whose internship has not yet been completed can also appear in the Civil Services Main Examination. But at the time of the Interview, the M.B.B.S candidates have to present their full degree in front of the interviewer board.

Is the Final Year Student Eligible As Per the Eligibility Criteria of the UPSC Examination?

1) For becoming an IAS, IFS and IPS the candidate must be an Indian resident.

2) For the administrative post, the candidate has to be of Indian heritage if they have relocated from any of these countries- Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia or Vietnam and they have to permanently resolve in India

3) For the educational qualification, all the candidates must retain a minimum of one of the below-mentioned  qualifications:

  • An official degree from any of the Central, State, open or Distance universities.
  • The degree for the qualification has to be acknowledged by the Indian Administration.

4) A candidate can be eligible to make a UPSC attempt if they are 21 years of age and give the maximum limit is 32 years of age. For the OBC candidates, the age limit is 35, and for SC and ST candidates the limit is till 37 years.

5) The Number of attempts one candidate can give for the UPSC Exam is- the General category candidates can have 4 attempts, the OBC category candidates can have 7 attempts and the SC/ST Candidates can have unlimited attempts till the age limit.

So, as per the above criteria, final-year graduation students are eligible to apply for the UPSC exam.

Yes, you can.

But remember that if you qualify at the moment of the interview, your graduation should be finished.


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