IBPS PO Salary - IBPS PO Officer Salary Structure

  • This whole article is about the salary structure and other related facilities owned by the IBPS PO. We have started the article with an overview of the whole concept of the IBPS PO salary.  
  • Then, we provided the structure of the salary, Next we also added the perks of the salary along with the IBPS PO allowances.
  • Next is the job profile of the post designation and with this paragraph, the career growth of the IBPS PO is following it.
  • We have concluded our article with several frequently asked questions which we pinned at the last as usual.

IBPS PO Salary - IBPS PO Officer Salary Structure

IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an organization in India, that recruits employees who are known as Probationary Officers or POs for different posts in various banks in India. Do you know about the Salary and Allowances and other things that IBPS PO gets? According to the official website of IBPS, Exam Notification for PO has been released on the official site and the dates are 1, 23 and 30 September and 1st October of 2023.

If you do not know, then today will let you know about the salary, allowances, perks and facilities available to an IBPS PO through this article.

The Overview of IBPS PO Salary

Candidates preparing for the IBPS PO exam should have complete information related to the exam. IBPS PO Salary and Job Profile comes in the major aspects of IBPS PO which candidates must know about. In any job, Salary and Job Profile can motivate you to take the exam.  

  1. The Salary of IBPS PO is paid as per the provisions of the 7th CPC.
  2. The rectified essential salary of IBPS PO has been increased to ₹36,000.
  3. The revised pay scale for IBPS Probationary Officers has been made effective from November 2017.
  4. Including all the allowances etc. the gross salary of IBPS PO Salary is ₹52,63038.

In this way, we can say that IBPS PO gets a decent salary. Along with the Pay Scale, various types of allowances like travelling allowance, dearness allowance and other allowances are also available. Whose description is given below.

Salary Structure of the IBPS PO

The salary structure of IBPS PO Staff is as per the provisions of the 7th CPC. The timing of IBPS PO Employee Salary and salary hikes is decided by the banks. The conveyed fact is that the IBPS PO Salary will be Rs.36,000 with an increased money of Rs.980 for the following 7 years followed by a primary Pay of Rs.42,860 with an annual additional money of Rs.1145 for the following two years. The preliminary salary details of the IBPS Probationary Officer are as follows-

Basic Salary


Dearness Allowances


Learning Allowance






Gross Salary


Net Pay / In Hand


The initial in-hand salary offered to an IBPS Probationary Officer ranges from ₹52,000 to ₹53,000.

IBPS PO Salary and Perks Along With the Allowance

IBPS PO Officers working in all types of banks are provided with different types of allowances. The allowances of IBPS Probationary Officer are not fixed but are increased from time to time as per the requirement. The objective of these allowances is to provide protection against the rising cost of living of IBPS PO Personnel and to provide protection against unforeseen medical expenses. The allowances that IBPS PO gets are as follows-

  1. Inflation Allowance
  2. City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Furniture Allowance
  5. Transportation Allowance
  6. Dearness Allowance (DA)
  7. Miscellaneous or Other Allowance

Job Profile of IBPS PO Officer

The job of IBPS Probationary Officer is full of responsibility. Solving customers’ problems is their main responsibility. In addition, they are often entrusted with the responsibility of handling complex banking situations and providing loans or meeting what their customer needs. 

Next is the detailed job profile of IBPS PO, which is as follows.

  • IBPS Probationary Officers verify various documents and proofs submitted by the clients.
  • The task of checking and approving checks in banks is also assigned to IBPS PO. 
  • IBPS PO is responsible for the bank’s safe, keys and core banking solution, various important documents etc
  • IBPSPO officials provide clearance of withdrawal by customers
  • IBPS PO officers advise on various types of financial matters as well.

Career Growth of an IBPS PO Official

Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to IBPS PO

Promotion is given to the IBPS PO officers based on their seniority. Apart from this, the departmental examinations conducted by the bank

promotion are done, based on passing departmental examinations. Performance and surrender are important for ensuring promotion. Promotion is also provided from time to time to the IBPS PO as per the bank policy. Most of the Public Sector Banks follow the uniform guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Government of India in respect of promotion policy matters.

In this article, we have described the posts available on the promotion of IBPS PO, which are as follows.

  1. Officer/Assistant (Assistant Manager)
  2. Manager
  3. Senior Manager
  4. Chief Manager
  5. Assistant General Manager
  6. Deputy General Manager
  7. General Manager

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