Best Test Series for UPSC: Test Series and mock tests are very essential components of the major competitive examination a candidate is preparing for.  And to clear the three stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview of UPSC CSE, the test is extremely significant. Mostly the Prelims and Mains are covered in the test series as the Interview depends on self-discipline, personal development and extra. 

Here is the article today discussing Which is the Best Test Series For UPSC. And follow the 99 NOTES IAS Test Series to make your IAS preparation remarkable.

The Top Best Test Series for UPSC CSE Aspirants

1. 99 NOTES IAS Test Series

99 NOTES IAS online coaching institution has launched various courses and Test series for the aspirants. Now, aspirants can start their journey to become IAS Officers and crack UPSC Exam.

They are overwhelmed with the Test Series, Subject Wise Courses, Optional Courses and GS Foundation Courses. In Subject Wise Courses they have classes on Polity and many more, in optional courses they have Agriculture, CSAT, Economy, Geography, Governance, GS Foundation Course, GS Foundation Course, History,  and International Relations.

2. Vision IAS’s Test Series

visionias. in/testseries/

Vision IAS test series are scheduled in 3 manners- one is Fundamental, Two is Applied and Three is Comprehensive Levels. They equipped important study materials, accompaniment materials and current affairs in soft copies. They provide masterful backing through phone and email conversations.

They also provide personalized account login credentials to receive the scorebook, test calculation and performance examination.

3. Shankar IAS Academy Test Series

shankariasacademy .com/prestorming/

The Shankar IAS Academy Test Series is very widespread among UPSC aspirants.

They create weekly test series which reflects 70 questions, which are from the Previous Year’s Questions (PYQs),  the IAS Parliamentary website and Civilspedia. They take 63 upscale tests, 3 UPSC CSE mock tests, and 15 comprehensive CSAT examinations. They do exposure and conversation for each test.

4. ClearIAS’s Test Series


ClearIAS’s Test Series is compiled with 45 mock tests and has the extra advantage of a free mock test costing 5000 rupees.

They claim plenty of questions in real UPSC CSE Prelims can be responded to from ClearIAS Test Series if candidates select their test series. They have an adaptable schedule for the students to select their courses. They provide individual guidance, video classes, and free mock tests as complementary and they prioritize the answer sheet return through personal emails.

5. Vajiram and Ravi Test Series


Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Test Series’ primary purpose is to help in the preparation of the candidates through the General Studies Paper I subjects and General Studies Paper II subjects, along with CSAT which is the Civil Services Aptitude Test, and with a particular priority, focusing on Current Affairs with a sequence of devoted tests.

They claim their test series trained the UPSC CSE candidates in a skilled MCQ solvent.

What are the 5 Parameters to Choose the Best Test Series?

1) Hit Ratio

  • i) While choosing the best test series candidates should think foremost about the Hit Ratio parameter. It depends on how many direct questions are coming in Prelims from the test series.
  • ii) The total number of questions in the test series is a factor to consider when choosing the test series.

ii) If any coaching centre test series claims that solving their series makes you get 80-90% of questions common in examinations, then it is a false claim.

  • In recent years the UPSC CSE examination has become more dynamic, and most of the questions are analytical. So if candidates think by solving the test series the candidates can clear the UPSC, then it is a myth. Test series are just for accompanying the method.
  •  40 to 50% common question test series is a good test series according to the UPSC toppers.

2) Ease of Use

  1. If candidates are choosing an online test series then it is important to look after easy access to the apps and dedicated website sites. Watch the website is mobile-friendly as many candidates do not have access to computers and laptops.
  2.  Watch if the website is bug inflicted or not, or if the website crashes while giving the test examination.
  3. Look for flexibility in the test series website. Watch the flexibility of the test attempts. Are the attempts unlimited or not? Or see that can you access the test series whenever and wherever you need.

3) Quality of Tests

  1.  Before applying for any test series check the quality of the question of the test series. Good-quality questions are mandatory thing whenever a candidate chooses a test series.
  2. Always check the reviews of the test series which the candidates are trying to apply for.
  3. Look for a free mock test before involving in the actual test series. Check if there is a free mock test available in the test series to which you are trying to apply. 

4) Solutions and Reports

  1. Always join those test series which will give Instant detailed solutions. For instance, in the context of online coaching after completing the test there should be a described explanation of your given answer.
  2. Always select those test series which are self-explanatory While selecting the test series before the UPSC Prelims or Mains examination.

5) Mentorship and Cost

  1.  Select those test series which provide personal mentorship. As every candidate needs self-evaluation.
  2. Check the reasonable test series of 99 NOTES IAS. Select a coaching test series which is cost-effective and does not feel heavy on pockets. Go for an affordable test series which not charge up to 8k for all mock tests of prelims and mains.

2018 AIR 2 Akshat Jain On the Importance of Test Series For UPSC CSE

  • Whenever he used to make notes on any particular topic, for instance in Physical Geography, he used to give a test, a 20-question full 3-hour test on it.
  • He personally believes that without giving a test, on which he has just made notes or which he has just completed, that particular topic is still not covered, if the candidates don’t give a test.
  • According to him, marks do not matter much in the test. It is just an indicator but tests help the candidates to identify whether the way they have completed that particular topic is correct or not.
  • The way the resources the candidates referred to, the way the content they read, whether it was required by UPSC or not.
  • Sometimes the candidates may have forgotten to read the important topic and while giving the test they realised that.
  • So, according to him, tests help the candidates take timely action which is why tests are very crucial.

2018 AIR 2 Akshat Jain On How Self-Studied Candidates Take Preparation for Tests at Home

  • Sometimes test series timings could not match the candidate’s schedule. Or sometimes the candidates could not afford it. So, he used to just compile 20 questions from online resources and make a paper himself, set it at his home, do a three-hour test and evaluate it himself.

He said to the candidates that do not refrain from the tests. It will cut off the candidate’s fear of taking tests and remove idleness.

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