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6 June 2024 : PIB Summary For UPSC

1. DoT launches initiative to support MSMEs and Startups in Industry 4.0 transformation

Topic: GS2 – Governance – Government policies
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is launching a survey to understand challenges faced by MSMEs in adopting Industry 4.0 and integrating 5G/6G technologies.Key findings will guide policy interventions to enhance competitiveness. Organisations and startups can submit proposals by June 11, 2024.


Analysis of the news:

  • The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has announced a call for proposals for conducting a baseline survey among MSMEs focusing on Industry 4.0 adoption.
  • The initiative aims to understand the challenges MSMEs face in adopting Industry 4.0 and leveraging advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, and the integration of 5G/6G networks.
  • The survey will span over 60 days and target five sectors each in the North and Southern regions of India, totaling at least 10 sectors.
  • Its goal is to identify sector-specific needs and preferences, recognizing the diverse landscape of MSMEs, and providing targeted support to foster innovation and competitiveness.
  • The key recommendations from the survey will serve as a platform for policy interventions to drive the transformative adoption of Industry 4.0, enhancing the competitive positioning and survivability of MSMEs.
What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, encompasses the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing and industrial processes. Here are key points:

Digitalization: Industry 4.0 involves the digitization of physical assets and processes, creating a “smart factory” environment where machinery, products, and systems communicate and collaborate.

IoT (Internet of Things): IoT devices enable real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing operations, facilitating data-driven decision-making and predictive maintenance

.Automation: Advanced robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) technologies automate tasks traditionally performed by humans, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Data Analytics: Big data analytics tools analyze large volumes of data generated by connected devices, uncovering insights for process optimization, quality improvement, and innovation.

Interconnectivity: Integration of cyber-physical systems with cloud computing and edge computing platforms enables seamless communication and data exchange across the manufacturing ecosystem.Customization: Industry 4.0 enables mass customization, allowing manufacturers to produce personalised products at scale to meet diverse customer demands.

PYQ: Introduce the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). How does AI help clinical diagnosis? Do you perceive any threat to privacy of the individual in the use of Al in healthcare? (150 words/10m) (UPSC CSE (M) GS-3 2023)
Practice Question: How does the integration of digital technologies such as IoT, AI, and cloud computing contribute to enhancing efficiency, productivity, and innovation? Evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with the adoption of Industry 4.0 in the context of developing economies like India. (250 Words /15 marks)

(Source – https://pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=2022826 )


Topic: GS3 –  Environment
The Indian Navy emphasizes environmental responsibility by adopting sustainable practices and renewable energy sources, aligning with the nation’s low-carbon strategy.Initiatives focus on biodiversity preservation, coastal cleanups, and innovative solutions like hydrogen technology.Collaborations with government bodies and NGOs underscore its commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

World Environment Day 2024:

  • Date: World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5th. The theme for 2024 was “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.”
  • Host: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the official global celebrations in 2024.
  • Organiser: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) leads World Environment Day every year.
  • Goal: World Environment Day serves as the largest international day for environmental outreach, mobilising millions worldwide to address pressing environmental issues.
  • Actions: The day encourages individuals, organisations, and governments to raise awareness about environmental challenges, particularly land degradation, and take action to restore land and natural resources. It also promotes sustainable practices to prevent desertification and droughts.
  • Importance: Healthy land is essential for sustaining life by providing food, clean water, and regulating the climate. World Environment Day underscores the significance of restoring damaged land to ensure a healthy future for all.

(Source – https://pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=2022934 )

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