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PIB Summary for UPSC

21-February -2024

1. Japan commits Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan of Japanese Yen (JPY) 232.209 billion for nine projects in various sectors in India.

Topic: GS2 – International Relations – Bilateral Relations Relevant for UPSC as it highlights India-Japan bilateral cooperation, infrastructure development, and strategic partnership through ODA loans.
  • Japan commits JPY 232.209 billion ODA loan to India for nine projects, including road connectivity, start-up promotion, and healthcare, strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries.
  Additional information on this news:
  • The Government of Japan commits JPY 232.209 billion in Official Development Assistance (ODA) loans for nine projects in India.
  • Exchange of Notes took place between Mr. Vikas Sheel, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance, India, and Mr. Suzuki Hiroshi, Japanese Ambassador to India.
  • Projects include road network connectivity in the North East, Chennai Peripheral Ring Road construction, start-ups promotion in Telangana, sustainable horticulture in Haryana, climate change response in Rajasthan, and more.
  • The North East road projects focus on enhancing infrastructure, Chennai project aims to alleviate traffic congestion, and Nagaland project establishes a Medical College Hospital for universal health coverage.
  • Telangana project focuses on entrepreneurship skills, especially for women and rural population, while Haryana project promotes sustainable horticulture and improves farmer income.
  • Rajasthan’s project enhances ecosystem services through forestry, and Uttarakhand project provides stable water supply to urban towns.
  • Dedicated Freight Corridor Project aims to modernize intermodal logistics and handle increased freight traffic.
  • The exchange of Notes further strengthens the long-standing strategic and global partnership between India and Japan, with a history of bilateral development cooperation since 1958.
India-Japan Relations: Convergence in Key Areas
  • Strategic Partnership: India and Japan share a robust strategic partnership, marked by high-level visits and dialogues. The annual summit meetings between the leaders showcase the commitment to strengthen bilateral ties.
  • Economic Collaboration: Both nations actively engage in economic cooperation, with Japan being a key investor in India. Joint ventures and investments span various sectors, including infrastructure, technology, and manufacturing.
  • Infrastructure Development: Japan has been a major contributor to India’s infrastructure development projects. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor are notable examples of collaborative efforts.
  • Defense and Security Cooperation: India and Japan collaborate on defense and security issues, conducting joint exercises and dialogues. The relationship aims to address common security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Cultural and People-to-People Ties: Cultural exchanges and educational programs foster a deeper understanding between the people of India and Japan. Initiatives like the Japan-India Association and Japan-India Parliamentary Friendship League strengthen people-to-people connections.
  • Technological Collaboration: Both countries actively collaborate in the fields of science and technology, sharing expertise and knowledge. Collaboration in areas like renewable energy, space exploration, and innovation contributes to mutual technological advancements.
  • Multilateral Engagement: India and Japan often collaborate in various multilateral forums, such as the United Nations, G20, and ASEAN, advocating for common interests and shared values on the global stage.
  • Joint Commitment to Rule-Based Order: Both nations uphold a rules-based international order and have a shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific, emphasizing the importance of maritime security and freedom of navigation.
PYQ: ‘The time has come for India and Japan to build a strong contemporary relationship, one involving global and strategic partnership that will have a great significance for Asia and the world as a whole.’ Comment. (250 words/15m) (UPSC CSE (M) GS-2 2019)
Practice Question:  Discuss the key dimensions of the India-Japan relationship, highlighting strategic, economic, and cultural aspects. Evaluate the significance of their collaboration in promoting regional stability and addressing shared global challenges. (250 words/15 m)

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