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26-December -2023

1. On the occasion of Good Governance Day, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launches the Extended Version of Mission Karmayogi.

Topic: GS2 – Governance – Government Policies
The launch of Mission Karmayogi is important from UPSC perspective because it emphasises technology-driven civil servant capacity building for efficient governance and citizen-centric reforms.
  • Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launched an extended version of Mission Karmayogi, focusing on technology-enabled governance.
  • New iGOT Karmayogi features include My iGOT, Blended Programs, and Curated Programs
  • Twelve domain-specific e-learning courses and VIKAS, a blended learning program, were introduced.
Additional information on this news:
  • Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launched the Extended Version of Mission Karmayogi on Good Governance Day in New Delhi.
  • Three new features introduced on the iGOT Karmayogi platform: My iGOT, Blended Programs, and Curated Programs.
  • The Union Minister also launched 12 domain-specific capacity-building e-learning courses.
  • A new blended learning program named VIKAS (Variable & Immersive Karmayogi Advanced Support) was introduced.
  • Dr Jitendra Singh emphasized the optimum use of technology for timely service delivery to the common man.
  • Mission Karmayogi aims to groom civil servants to be more technology-enabled, innovative, progressive, and transparent.
  • The focus is on ‘Maximum Governance and Minimum Government,‘ with technology seen as the key to good governance.
  • Initiatives for women employees, such as special maternity leave, Child Care Leave (CCL), and special allowance, were mentioned.
  • The Good Governance Week/Day has been celebrated since 2014 to promote citizen-centric, efficient, and transparent governance.
    • Details of the new features on Mission Karmayogi platform:
    • My iGOT provides targeted training courses based on individual officers’ capacity-building needs.
    • Blended Programs combine traditional offline classroom courses with online learning for equitable access.
    • Curated Programs cater to diverse learning needs with tailored content, resources, and assessments.
  • VIKAS is a blended learning program for middle management civil servants in the Central Secretariat, consisting of 33 hours online and 30 hours offline training.
PYQ: e-governance, as a critical tool of governance, has ushered in effectiveness, transparency and accountability in governments. What inadequacies hamper the enhancement of these features? (UPSC CSE (M) GS-2 2023) (150 words/10 m)
Practice Question: “The traditional bureaucratic structure and culture have hampered the process of socio-economic development in India.” Comment.    (150 words/10 m)

2. Milli-second burst detected by AstroSat in new high magnetic field neutron star can help understand such stellar entities.

Topic: GS3 – Science and Technology – Space AstroSat’s discovery of X-ray bursts from a magnetar contributes to understanding extreme astrophysical conditions, relevant for UPSC space science.
  • AstroSat detects sub-second X-ray bursts from a unique magnetar, SGR J1830-0645, revealing 67 short bursts and emission lines in its spectra, contributing to understanding extreme astrophysical conditions.
 More information about this news:
  • AstroSat, India’s first multi-wavelength space-based observatory, detects sub-second X-ray bursts from a unique neutron star (magnetar).
  • Magnetars have ultrahigh magnetic fields over one quadrillion times stronger than Earth’s.
  • The magnetar, SGR J1830-0645, discovered by NASA’s Swift spacecraft, is studied by AstroSat.
  • Scientists from Raman Research Institute and University of Delhi use LAXPC and SXT instruments on AstroSat for analysis.
  • Key findings include the detection of 67 short sub-second X-ray bursts, with the brightest lasting about 90 milliseconds.
More about Neutron Star and AstroSat
What is a neutron star?
  • Neutron stars are remnants of massive stars that have undergone supernova explosions.
  • Extremely dense, they pack the mass of the Sun into a sphere about 12 miles (20 km) in diameter.
  • Composed mostly of neutrons, they result from the collapse of a star’s core.
  • Intense gravity and magnetic fields characterize neutron stars.
More about AstroSat:
  • AstroSat is India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength space observatory.
  • Launched in 2015, it observes celestial objects in ultraviolet, optical, and X-ray wavelengths.
  • Equipped with five scientific instruments, it aims to study diverse astronomical phenomena.
  • AstroSat enhances India’s contribution to global space research and exploration.
  • Key discoveries include insights into stellar processes and distant galaxies.
PYQ: With reference to ‘Astrosat’, the astronomical observatory launched by India, which of the following statements is/are correct? (UPSC Prelims 2016) i) Other than USA and Russia, India is the only country to have launched a similar observatory into space. ii) Astrosat is a 2000 kg satellite placed in an orbit at 1650 km above the surface of the Earth. Select the correct answer using the code given below: A.      i Only B.      ii Only C.      Both i and ii D.      Neither i or ii Answer: Option D

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