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ISRO Scientist Salary 2024: Per Month

ISRO Scientist Salary 2024-  According to the 7th Pay Commission, the starting salary of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) employees varies depending on rank and merit. The ISRO Scientists salary in the entry level category starts from about ₹56,100 per month.

The Total In hand monthly starting salary can be around ₹70,000 to ₹75,000 and this amount can be increased by promotion , experience and new requirements. ISRO also offers various benefits like medical facilities, leave benefits and opportunities for career development in the organization.

ISRO Scientist Salary In hand 

According to the 7th Pay Commission of ISRO, hand pay is what an employee gets after deductions of income tax, provident fund, other statutory deductions etc. For example, in the case of scientists/engineers ‘SC ‘. whose basic salary is INR 56,100 per month, hand pay after deductions should be around INR 45,000 to INR 48,000 depending on individual circumstances and tax liability Eligibility.

This hand pay reflects the actual amount credited to an employee’s bank account and is material which should be taken into consideration while assessing the overall remuneration at ISRO.

ISRO Scientist Per Month Salary Structure

In India, the monthly salary of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) employees under 7th Pay Commission varies depending on rank and grade. The basic salary for scientists in the entry level category (scientists) starts from about ₹56,100 per month.

In addition, they are entitled to Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA). Given these, the total monthly starting salary could be around ₹70,000 to ₹75,000. This figure can grow through promotions, experience and other qualifications, offering a competitive salary within the scientific research sector.

ComponentsGross Salary (in INR)
Basic Pay (BP)INR 56,100
Dearness Allowance (DA)INR 6,732
House Rent Allowances (HRA)INR 13,464
Transport Allowances (TA)INR 7,200
DA over TAINR 364
Total Gross SalaryINR 84,360

Note: The Gross ISRO Scientist Salary per month is approximately INR 84,360, which includes such as Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, and DA over TA. These figures may vary slightly based on specific allowances and deductions as per individual circumstances.

ISRO Scientist Salary- Post wise as per 7th pay Commission

According to the Pay Commission, the salary at ISRO varies, depending on the job and the salary scale. For example, a level 10 scientist/engineer ‘SC’ gets a basic salary of around Rs 56,100 per month. This is supplemented by allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA). With this change, the total salary of a scientist/engineer ‘SC’ could be around Rs 84,360 per month. As employees progress to higher levels such as ‘SD’, ‘SE’, ‘SF’ and ‘SG’, their basic pay increases with support, making the overall higher pay

ISRO Salary Structure ( Post wise)
PostPay LevelBasic Pay (INR)Dearness Allowance (INR)House Rent Allowance (INR)Transport Allowance (INR)Total Gross Salary (Approx. INR)
Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’Level 1056,1006,73213,4647,20084,360
Scientist/Engineer ‘SD’Level 1167,7008,12416,2487,20099,272
Scientist/Engineer ‘SE’Level 1278,8009,45618,9127,2001,14,368
Scientist/Engineer ‘SF’Level 1387,50010,50021,0007,2001,26,200
Scientist/Engineer ‘SG’Level 141,01,00012,12024,2407,2001,44,560

Note: The total gross salary which includes Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA). These figures are approximate and may vary based on ISRO’s policies.

ISRO Scientist Salary Slip

The ISRO scientific pay slips are issued by the board on a monthly basis to all ISRO employees. This includes information about base salary, deductions, allowances, performance bonuses, incentives, and other benefits.

Also, ISRO scientific payrolls are useful for government and private use.

Perks and Allowances

Here are certainly the allowances and allowances for ISRO employees under 7th Pay Commission in India, listed in highlights:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Provided as cost of living adjustment.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): It is paid based on the location of the employee.
  • Transportation Allowance (TA): Provided for transportation expenses.
  • Hospital: Includes health insurance for employees and dependents.
  • Leave benefits: Leave benefits such as casual leave, earned leave and maternity/paternity leave.
  • Career Development: Training and career development opportunities.

Other support such as children’s education stipend, special occupation allowance, etc., as recognized by the government.

About ISRO

Founded in 1969, ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization is India’s national space agency. It has since become a leading company in space exploration and the main objective of ISRO is the development of space technology and its application in national operations such as communication, weather forecasting and remote sensing

An achievement of ISRO is the launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) in 2013, which is making India the first Asian country and the fourth space agency in the world in Mars orbit and it also has many satellites for predictive communication, transportation and scientific research.

ISRO’s efforts have contributed significantly to India’s international recognition in technology development and space exploration. The organisation continues its ambitious work with global space agencies and inspiring young minds to pursue careers in science and technology.

Roles and Responsibilities

It outlines the roles and responsibilities of various positions in ISRO.

  • Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’: Design and development of space systems and components with research, analyze technology and collaborate with teams for satellite launch and mission planning.
  • Scientist/Engineer ‘SD’: Lead work teams and manage technical aspects of space missions and To Design and maintain spacecraft subsystems or systems also by providing knowledge in spacecraft navigation systems and practical applications.
  • Scientist/Engineer ‘SE’: To Manage complex projects from concept to execution and Lead R&D programs for advanced aerospace technologies and collaborate with international partners for joint space missions.
  • Scientist/Engineer: ‘SF’: Leads strategic activities and oversees mission planning and execution with lead teams in spacecraft design, and quality assurance with technical guidance and advice to junior engineers.
  • Scientist/Engineer ‘SG’: To play leadership roles in ISRO centers or departments and stimulate innovation in space exploration to represent ISRO in national and international forums and promote partnerships and cooperation.

These role encompasses a wide range of technical and project management responsibilities with resulting in leadership and strategic planning, to ISRO’s mission of space exploration and technology development

Promotion Rules in ISRO

The following  are the promotion rules for ISRO employees under 7th Pay Commission of India, given in key point below:

  • Promotion criteria: It is based on performance, experience and valuable effort.
  • Time Based Promotions: The employees may be eligible for timed promotions based on years of service and satisfactory performance.
  • Evaluation: Regular performance evaluations and assessments are conducted to ensure eligibility for promotion.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Employees must meet specific eligibility criteria, including educational qualifications, with experience and performance standards.
  • Promotion Committee: A promotion board or committee reviews and approves promotions based on established criteria and guidelines through exams and many other ways.
  • Competitive Examination: In some cases, employees may be required to pass competitive examinations at certain promotion levels which are very high level and hard.

Steps to Join ISRO in India

The following are the steps to join ISRO in India, given in key points below:

  • Educational Qualifications: Must have the educational qualifications required for an entry-level position, usually an engineering or engineering bachelor’s degree in a related field such as electronics, engineering and computer science.
  • GATE Exam: Qualifying the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) conducted by IITs and IISc with a valid GATE score is usually a prerequisite for ISRO recruitment.
  • ISRO Recruitment Notification: Check ISRO’s official website and job notifications for recruitment information and whenever the recruitment process opens, manually search for the right position online.
  • Selection Procedures: Pass the selection process, which usually involves a written test, an interview and a medical examination.
  • Training: After successfully completing the training program conducted by ISRO after selection.
  • Probation Period: Serve on probation as per ISRO rules with a given time duration.

Career Growth in ISRO

Career progression at ISRO in India is structured and progressive. Scientists/Engineers Starting as ‘SC’, employees can advance to levels such as ‘SD,’ ‘SE,’ ‘SF,’ and ‘SG’ based on performance, and expertise. In this way, individuals perform more challenging tasks, lead teams, and acquire specialized skills. 

It brings opportunities for managerial and leadership roles, initiatives and representing ISRO in various national and international forums with continuous learning, skill development and support in innovation paves the way for a fulfilling career at ISRO which is known for its pioneering work in space exploration technology.


The ISRO Scientist salary structure in line with the 7th pay commission, reflects the organization’s commitment to reward talent and expertise in space research and engineering. Starting from entry level posts to senior roles, ISRO offers competitive salaries with allowances like Dear Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA), ensuring comprehensive compensation.

This not only attracts top talent but also encourages continuous learning and career development in ISRO but the salary coupled with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects makes ISRO a desirable destination for professionals interested in space science and innovation.

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