1 April 2024 : Daily Answer Writing

Q1) A multi-faceted relationship between India and Africa has the potential to reinvigorate and redefine the legacy of Asia-Africa solidarity as an answer to the challenges of the contemporary world. Comment. (250 Words/15 Marks)


India-Africa ties are rooted deeply in the common history and are bound by a shared destiny. The multi-faceted relationship between India and Africa can be seen from:

  1. Partnership between India and Africa is vital to reinvigorate the institutions of global governance.

E.g., India and Africa complement each other’s efforts for the reforms of UNSC.

  1. Africa is integral to India’s vision for a free, open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

E.g., safety and security of East African countries strategically located in Indian Ocean region; development of blue economy; HADR efforts (operation Sahayata in Mozambique, operation Vanilla in Madagascar).

  1. India and Africa have tremendous untapped potential to boost trade, commerce, and connectivity between the two regions.

E.g., AAGC; leveraging potential of AfCFTA etc.

  1. The presence of rich demography uniquely places India and Africa to provide a skilled workforce to the world; further, presence of rich Indian diaspora in Africa has enhanced India’s stake in the stability of the region

E.g., ICCR Africa Scholarships Scheme; initiatives to skill the youth; Operation Kaveri to bring back stranded Indians.

  1. Investments in rich mineral resources of Africa can enhance the paradigm of strategic autonomy for India.

E.g., rich resources of mineral oil; critical mineral reserves etc.

  1. India-Africa ties are a beacon of sustainable/inclusive global growth:
  2. India and Africa an engage proactively towards clean energy transition.

E.g., adoption of ISA (Africa’s potential for solar energy); development of Green Hydrogen; promotion of EV vehicles.

  1. Common needs and aspirations can aid India and Africa to present a joint front at global climate talks.

E.g., Loss and Damage Fund; transfer of technology to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

  1. Ties between India and Africa can bolster food security alongside redefining climate smart agriculture.

E.g., India-Africa international Millet Conference at Kenya.

  1. Potential of Indian generic medicines to improve developmental indicators in African continent.


India-Africa ties can redefine Asia-Africa solidarity as an answer to contemporary challenges as:

  1. Creating a more inclusive and just narrative around the climate change talks promoting equity, differential responsibility, and transparency in climate financing mechanisms.
  2. Reinvigorating the need to remove nuclear apartheid and parallelly promoting nonproliferation and checking arms race.
  3. Creating a robust global rules-based order.

E.g., increasing the stake of African countries in institutions of global governance.

  1. Building resilient supply chains checking hegemony of unilateral actors.

E.g., enhanced connectivity (secure SLOC); supply of critical minerals.

  1. Building a sustainable framework of investment and growth as an antidote to debt-trap diplomacy.
  2. Building cooperation for achieving SDGs in a way that the most marginalized are the one most benefited.

India and Africa have a collective mandate to reinvigorate the ties between Asia and Africa and provide a sustainable and inclusive approach to tackle the contemporary challenges being faced by the world.


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