Dig Salary Per Month In India

DIG Salary per Month in India- Grade Pay, Promotions, Roles & Responsibility

DIG Salary in India

Have you been looking for the salary structure of a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) in India? As one of the key positions within the law enforcement, DIG’s play a crucial role in maintaining law and order across various states and union territories. Beyond their responsibilities, understanding their salary package provides insights into the rewards and benefits.

In this article, we will discuss DIG salary, exploring not only their basic pay but also the allowances that contribute to their total compensation package. From house rent allowances to medical benefits, the financial aspects of serving as a Deputy Inspector General.

DIG Salary Per Month

The salary of a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) varies depending on the state or union territory in which they are serving. However, the basic pay of a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) ranges from INR 1,31,100 to INR 2,16,600 per month. In addition to their basic pay, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) also receive a number of allowances, including house rent allowance, travel allowance, and medical allowance. The total salary of a Deputy Inspector General can be expected of Nearly or above INR 3 lakhs per month.

DIG Salary Structure 
AllowanceAmount (INR)
Basic Pay1,31,100 – 2,16,600 per month
Dear Allowance65,550 – 1,08,300 (50%)
House Rent Allowance35,397- 58,482 (Class X 27%)
Travel Allowance7200
Medical Allowance3,736
Total Salary2,42,983 – 3,94,318 per month
DIG Salary per month structure

Promotions and Rank in Deputy Inspector General

The promotion rule as a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) position is based on a combination of several factors, such as service experience, performance evaluations, educational qualifications and availability of vacancies etc.

Salary of Other IPS Officer’s with DIG
Promotion RanksSalary in India Per Month (Pay Scale)- INR
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP Salary)56,100
Additional Superintendent of Police67,700
Superintendent of Police (SP Salary)78, 800
Deputy Inspector General of Police1,31,100
Inspector General of Police1,44,200
Additional Director General of Police2,05,400
Director General of Police2,25,000
Salary of other IPS officer with DIG Salary

Perks and Benefits as a Deputy Inspector General (DIG)

The following perks and benefits of being a Deputy Inspector General in India ( DIG);

  • Competitive salary: The salary of a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) is very competitive and can be upwards of INR 3 lakhs per month.
  • Perks and allowances: In addition to their basic pay, Deputy Inspector General also receive a number of perks and allowances, including house rent allowance, travel allowance, and medical allowance.
  • Job security: The job of a Deputy Inspector General (DIGs) is very secure and there is a good chance of promotion to higher ranks.
  • Power and authority: Deputy Inspector General have a lot of power and authority and can make a real difference in the lives of people.
  • Status and respect: Deputy Inspector General are held in high regard by the public and other law enforcement officers.
  • Opportunities for Growth: There are many opportunities for growth and development for Deputy Inspector General (DIG), both within the police force and outside of it.

Eligibility Criteria For Deputy Inspector General ( DIG)

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) position generally requires candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and the candidates must have served in lower ranks of law enforcement for a minimum number of years, usually around 10-15 years of service and the essential qualification required to become a  Deputy Inspector General is Strong leadership abilities, experience in managing personnel, and proficiency in handling investigations.

Roles and Responsibility of Deputy Inspector General ( DIG)

Following are the Roles and Responsibility under a Deputy Inspector General (DIGs);

Roles and ResponsibilitiesDescription
Strategic Planning and Policy ImplementationDevelop strategic plans and policies to address law enforcement challenges in Deputy Inspector General.
Operational Oversight and CoordinationIn Deputy Inspector General ,Oversee and coordinate law enforcement operations collaborating with other agencies and stakeholders for effective crime prevention.
Leadership and Personnel ManagementProvide leadership to subordinate officers, ensuring adherence to organizational standards and fostering a culture of professionalism in Deputy Inspector General.
Investigation and Crime PreventionIn Deputy Inspector General, Direct criminal investigations, ensuring adherence to legal procedures and developing proactive strategies for crime prevention.
Crisis Response and Disaster ManagementLead responses to emergencies and critical incidents, resources and coordinating efforts to risks and ensure public safety as a Deputy Inspector General.
Community Engagement and Public RelationsAs a Deputy Inspector General Engage with the community through outreach programs, addressing concerns, between law enforcement and the public.
Roles of DIG

How to become a Deputy Inspector General (DIG)?

To earn a competitive salary one needs to know the procedure to become a Deputy Inspector General Officer  given below some key points;

  • To start the career of Deputy Inspector General, you need to join the law enforcement agency at entry-level positions.
  • To Gain experience and demonstrate leadership skills in Deputy Inspector General.
  • To become a Deputy Inspector General you need to pursue higher education and professional development.
  • To become a Deputy Inspector General , you need to pass promotional examinations.
  • To Showcase exemplary performance and adherence to organizational standards in Deputy Inspector General
  • In Deputy Inspector General Receive, promotions based on merit, seniority, and availability of vacancies within the agency.


DIG salary reflects the important role they play in maintaining law and order. But it’s not just about the money. From strategic planning to operational oversight, community engagement to crisis management, Deputy Inspector General (DIGs) play an essential role in society. Their commitment, leadership, and dedication to public service highlight the value they provide to law enforcement and communities. As we explore the complexities of DIG salary structures, let’s not forget the critical role they play in keeping us safe and ensuring justice is served and with the help of this article, you must have got the information regarding the DIG Salary per month, grade pay and other allowances. 

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