15 April 2024 : Daily Answer Writing

Q1) Highlighting the importance of green growth, discuss various measures to promote the same.

(150 Words/10 Marks)

Green growth refers to the trajectory of economic growth which is environmentally sustainable.

Green growth holds immense importance for environment and planet as can be seen from:

1. Green growth will help to industrialise without carbonising. It will improve carbon handprints and help achieve INDCs.

2. Sustainable agricultural practices will result in an amalgamation of food/nutritional security without causing irreparable harm to the environment.

3. Development of renewable energy is indispensable to meet the growing energy needs of the country in way which protects the principle of equity and upholds the objectives of sustainability.

4. Green growth is also seminal for generating green jobs, which in turn will compliment a rising demographic dividend.

Various government measures for propelling a green growth in the country can be seen from:

1. Push for green growth in budget 2023-24:

a) The union budget envisages green energy transition to facilitate net zero objectives of the country (by 2070).

E.g., allocation of 35000 crore rupees for priority capital investment.

b) Boost energy storage infrastructure of the country in order to ensure a sustainable growth.

E.g., Battery Energy Storage Systems with a capacity of 4,000 MWH will be facilitated.

c) Promotion of behavioural change initiatives that incentivise green/sustainable life style.

E.g., Green Credit Programme to environmentally responsive actions by companies, individuals, and local bodies.

d) Sustainable farming practices.

i. Boosting soil health.

E.g., PM-PRANAM initiative to for promoting alternative fertilisers and balanced use of chemical fertilisers.

ii. Facilitating adoption of natural farming.

E.g., 10,000 Bhartiya Prakritik Bio- Input Resource Centres

e) Initiatives to boost green jobs:

i. Augmenting afforestation.

E.g., MISHTI (Mangrove Initiative for Shoreline Habitats & Tangible Incomes) for mangrove plantation through convergence between MGNREGS and CAMPA Fund.

ii. Promoting optimal use of Wetlands.

E.g., Amrit Dharohar scheme for boosting eco-tourism.

f) Greening the freight/passenger movement.

E.g., budget aims to promote coastal shipping as energy efficient mode of transport through PPP.

2. Government has launched Green Hydrogen Mission to reduce carbon intensity of the economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels etc.

3. Decentralising the efforts for sustainable living.

E.g., LiFE initiative to spur a movement of environmentally conscious lifestyle.

4. Global leadership in sustainable growth.

E.g., ISA; Panchamrits (Glasgow summit) including the target to become net zero emitter by 2070.

The government measures for green growth can be made more effective by:

1. Impressing on climate equity/justice.

E.g., Facilitating technology and fund transfer from the developed countries.

2. Research and innovation.

E.g., linking academia, start-ups, and industries to propel green growth.

3. Developing resilient supply chains to ensure availability of raw materials for green technologies.

E.g., lithium, solar modules etc.

4. Training and capacity building.

E.g., augmenting ecosystem for green audits of private/government undertakings.

5. Promoting circular economy.

E.g., promoting waste to wealth infrastructure.

Efforts towards green growth are an imperative to balance the present’s need of socio-economic growth with future’s requirement of sustainability.



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