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5-Oct -2023

1. Cabinet approved Amendment to the Central Universities Act, 2009 for setting up of Sammakka Sarakka Central Tribal University in the State of Telangana.

Topic: GS3 – education sector


  • The Union Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, approved the introduction of the Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2023.
  • The purpose of the Bill is to amend the Central Universities Act, 2009, to establish the Sammakka Sarakka Central Tribal University.

More information about this news:

  • The university will be located in Mulugu District, Telangana, in accordance with the Thirteenth Schedule to the Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2014 (no. 6 of 2014).
  • The project is allocated a budget of Rs. 889.07 crore.
  • The primary objectives of the university include increasing access to higher education, improving its quality, and promoting tribal art, culture, and traditional knowledge systems.
  • The university will provide instructional and research facilities for the benefit of the tribal population in Telangana.
  • It aims to address regional imbalances in access to higher education.

2. Government of India notifies establishment of National Turmeric Board.

Topic: GS3 – National organisations


  • The Indian Government has established the National Turmeric Board to promote the development and growth of turmeric and turmeric-related products in the country.
  • The Board’s key objectives include increasing awareness and consumption of turmeric, expanding international markets to boost exports, fostering research and development for new products, and leveraging traditional knowledge for value-added turmeric items.

Additional information on this news:

  • The Board will focus on capacity building and skill development for turmeric growers to enhance the value of their produce.
  • It will also promote quality and food safety standards and explore the full potential of turmeric for various purposes.
  • The Board aims to improve the well-being and prosperity of turmeric growers by providing dedicated attention to the sector and increasing value addition closer to the farms.
  • India is the world’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of turmeric, with over 75% of global production.
  • India currently has a significant share of world trade in turmeric, with leading export markets including Bangladesh, UAE, USA, and Malaysia.
  • With the efforts of the National Turmeric Board, it is anticipated that turmeric exports will reach USD 1 billion by 2030.

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