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One of the key components of these exams is the written test, which consists of a number of essay and comprehension questions. Candidates are expected to write clear and well-structured answers that demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the topics being tested.


Q1) Analyze the challenges faced by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in maintaining its integrity and credibility. How can the CBI address these challenges and uphold public trust in its investigations?


CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is an investigative agency of the Government of India, established under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, with the mandate to investigate corruption, economic offenses, and other serious crimes with national and international ramifications.

Challenges Faced by CBI In Maintaining Its Integrity And Credibility:

  • Political Coercion: Alleged political interference in high-profile cases undermines CBI’s integrity and credibility, as seen in the controversy surrounding the investigation into alleged 2G spectrum corruption.
  • Corruption and Ethical Issues: Corruption and ethical issues within the CBI, including the case of former Director Alok Verma facing corruption allegations, have damaged the agency’s reputation and raise doubts about its internal integrity.
  • Lack of transparency: in CBI’s operations impacts credibility, with instances of opaque decision-making and investigations raising doubts among the public, as highlighted by the Supreme Court’s call for greater transparency in cases like alleged extrajudicial killings in Manipur.
  • Resource constraints: such as limited manpower, infrastructure, and technology, have hindered the CBI’s investigative capabilities, impacting credibility and compromising outcomes.
  • Legal Complexities: like court delays and difficulties in cooperation, hinder the CBI’s timely case conclusion, raising concerns about its effectiveness. Examples include prolonged court proceedings in high-profile cases like Vyapam scam and extradition challenges impacting public perception.
  • Public Perception and Media Trials: exert substantial influence over the credibility of the CBI. Intense scrutiny and biased reporting in high-profile cases shape public opinion, potentially undermining the agency’s credibility. The media trial in the investigation of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is a prime example.

Measures That Can Be Taken:

  • Professionalism and Training: Continuous professional training enhances competence, professionalism, and public confidence in the CBI’s investigations.
  • Engaging with Civil Society: Active engagement with civil society fosters transparency, feedback, and legitimacy, enhancing public trust in the CBI’s work.
  • Technology Integration: CBI should utilize AI, data analytics, and forensic tools for efficient investigations, streamlined case processing, and transparent evidence analysis.
  • Independent Oversight Mechanism: should be established through an autonomous body comprising experts to independently monitor and evaluate CBI operations, ensuring accountability and preventing undue political influence.
  • Integrity and Ethics Training: Implement comprehensive training programs to instill ethical conduct, professionalism, and adherence to high standards within the CBI workforce.
  • Open Data Initiatives: Making non-sensitive investigation information easily accessible to the public through open data initiatives enhances transparency and allows citizens to verify the CBI’s work, thereby reinforcing public trust in the agency’s accountability and credibility.


Embracing the appropriate measures will enable the CBI to navigate the evolving landscape of law enforcement, ensuring transparency, accountability, and credibility in its pursuit of justice. This forward-thinking approach will contribute to a more effective and trusted CBI, fostering public confidence and faith in its important role in upholding the rule of law.

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